BURN – Into the flames of burning art

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BURN – Into the flames of Burning Art By Simon O’Callaghan An exhibition of Simon’s images featuring art pieces constructed at AfrikaBurn over the years, this tribute to the artists and builders who make the event so incredibly special, will … Continued

The rural image // Ennio Calvani

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“The Rural Image” by Ennio Calvani explores some of South Africa’s forgotten, desolate rural areas and takes a look at the mundane and turns it into art. In this series Calvani has captured images ranging from roadside vistas to interaction … Continued

FUJI Lounge

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  –// What is FUJI Lounge? //– FUJI Lounge has been created with the aim of building a community of like minded photographers who host regular events where amateurs and professionals alike will join together and create round-table discussions and … Continued